Calling All Bards!

What is a bard?

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote


[bärd] NOUN archaic literary

  1. a poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition.

Crystal Kingdom Festival is sponsoring a Bard contest. If you are talented in the art forms of storytelling and hyperbole, we invite you to join us July 11, 2021, at Ordnance Park, rear, at Saint Albans, WV 25177.

Bards will need a 15-20 minute “story”. Our theme is comical or thought-provoking. PLEASE do not prepare anything political or CoVid related.

Bards will be on stage between music performances. We will provide microphones, but you can bring your own if you prefer. Costumes are strictly up to you.

We invite you to join us. The winner will get Bragging Rights, of course, and a $25.00 Visa gift card. Your story will be video taped for our website and will remain on the site until the 2022 Crystal Kingdom Festival when you can choose to defend your Title.

To Sign Up, Use the Vendor Registration Form Button Below and insert “Bard Contest” under products.

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