Artist Spotlight: Diana Manitu

Diana Manitu, co-owner of Double D’s Tarot & Tattoo, is a henna tattoo artist and visual design artist who specializes in henna tattoos and surrealist works. Starting in high school, she began creating henna designs and readily incorporated other mediums.

She frequents arts and crafts festivals in Appalachia during the summer months, and her work has been featured on the cover of a journal collection by Monday Creek Publishing. Diana says art has always been a means to express the strange commentary of her imagination when words fail her.

Using her art, she hopes to reach people through positive avenues–from using body art to promote self-love and to encourage independent¬†thought through her more strange works.¬†

Diana will be joining us this year at Crystal Kingdom Festival 2021 on July 11 at Ordinance Park in Saint Albans, WV where she will be providing henna tattoos.

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