Artist Spotlight: Intuitive Design

Melissa Jewell is an emerging spiritual entrepreneur who embarked on her transformative journey with crystals three years ago, igniting a passion that led her to open her own business in February 2023. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the metaphysical realm, Melissa offers a diverse range of services to guide and empower her clients. Through her psychic readings, she taps into the unseen realms, offering insightful glimpses into the past, present, and future. Melissa’s expertise extends to numerology charts and Intuitive GiftMap charts, illuminating the unique gifts and life paths of individuals. Additionally, she offers spiritual work and energy work, harnessing metaphysical principles to facilitate healing and personal growth. Melissa’s skills also encompass energetic and crystal healing, utilizing the power of crystals to restore balance and vitality to her clients. With her dedication, knowledge, and holistic approach, Melissa Jewell creates a sanctuary of transformation and enlightenment for those seeking spiritual guidance and healing.

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